Become a CBI

In order to hold the CBI designation, an active member of the IBBA must complete certain requirements. Those requirements are:

  1. At least one of the following three options:
    1. A minimum of three years full-time business brokerage experience within the prior ten years, and must be actively involved in the deal-making process or management of the process; or
    2. A college degree; or
    3. Related work experience which may be submitted with the request that it be accepted as an equivalent for up to two of the three years of business brokerage experience.
  2. Active membership in the IBBA
  3. Attendance at an IBBA conference
  4. Complete 68 credit hours through IBBA educational courses
    1. 52 hours are gained through required courses
      1. #100 and #101 (offered online only) (Please note: #301 may be taken as an alternative to #101)
      2. #104 or #304 (#104 is available online)
      3. #210, #220, #221 (offered at Educational Summits only)
    2. 16 hours of elective courses
  5. Effective June 1, 2018, candidate must show evidence as lead seller broker on three (3) going concern business transactions.
  6. Submit the CBI Application
  7. Pass the comprehensive CBI Exam
    1. The CBI exam ascertains competency in concepts deemed to be general business brokerage knowledge, and not exclusively the content contained within the CBI required courses.

Of the required courses, some courses may be completed online, while others must be completed in person at a Summit or Conference.  The IBBA Conference is offered once a year. The CBI exam will be taken at a testing center and will be scheduled upon receipt of the CBI application.

Ready to start working toward your CBI? Here is the path the IBBA recommends you take.

If you have any questions related to CBI certification please email them to [email protected].