Become a CBI®

In order to hold the CBI designation, an active member of the IBBA® must complete certain requirements. Those requirements are:

  1. Membership in good standing with the IBBA.
  2. CBI exam application and fee and CBI application must be submitted to Headquarters.
  3. The following requirements must be fulfilled within the 3 years preceding the applicant’s CBI Application:
    • Attend at least one IBBA conference (excludes IBBA chapter conferences).
    • Gain 68 credit hours of IBBA University or M&A Source courses of which 52 shall be required and 16 shall be elective and shall include a course examination passed with a score of at least 70%.

Required credit hours:
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These courses are mandatory as their subject matter involves activities in which every business broker, regardless of geographic location or business type specialization, is engaged: ethics, financial analysis, pricing/valuation, and legal and tax implications.

Elective Credit Hours:

The remaining 16 credit hours are elective.

  • Provide evidence as lead seller broker on three (3) going concern business transactions (as stipulated on the Initial Transaction Submittal Form).
  • Each CBI candidate must pledge to uphold the IBBA’s Code of Ethics.
  • CBI Exam

Once a candidate has completed all required and elective coursework and paid any applicable fees, s/he may take the CBI Exam and must pass the comprehensive CBI examination with a minimum score of 70% on each section. The CBI exam ascertains competency in concepts deemed to be general business brokerage knowledge, and not exclusively the content contained within the CBI required courses. Any candidate failing an IBBA course exam or the comprehensive examination may study independently and retest. Exam retests may be taken by applying to Headquarters. Exams will only be offered at scheduled times.


Candidates may not claim CBI status until all requirements have been met and his/her CBI Certification Application has been approved. Applicant for admission agrees his/her status as a candidate may not be included in any promotional materials, statement of qualifications, etc.

Of the required courses, some courses may be completed online, while others must be completed in person at a Summit or Conference. The IBBA Conference is offered once a year. The CBI exam will be taken at a testing center and will be scheduled upon receipt of the CBI Exam Application.

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