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The IBBA is the world’s largest organization of business intermediaries – an impressive community of people who share a passion for personal excellence and advancing the business brokerage profession.

At the IBBA, you will meet colleagues with a spectrum of experiences and areas of specialty, and have access to best-in-class education programs, webinars and leadership opportunities. Your membership in the IBBA is a chance to discover new resources, build new networks and develop professionally in ways that may surprise you.

Business brokers also know a “good deal” when they see one. Your IBBA membership INCLUDES unlimited access to the PeerComps comps database and valuation tool, AND Business Reference Guide Online – a combined $799 retail value! You literally SAVE money when you join the IBBA.

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“For me, it’s all about the education and the opportunity to meet with other successful intermediaries from around the country.”

– Randy J. Bring – Ft. Lauderdale FL



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