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The IBBA® is the world’s largest organization of business intermediaries – an impressive community of people who share a passion for personal excellence and advancing the business brokerage profession.

At the IBBA, you will meet colleagues with a spectrum of experiences and areas of specialty, and have access to best-in-class education programs, webinars and leadership opportunities. Your IBBA Membership is a chance to discover new resources, build new networks and develop professionally in ways that may surprise you.

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Membership Testimonials

IBBA offers people who attend the Conference or join the organization a tremendous opportunity for education.

I could not have done half the deals I've done without the education that I've received through IBBA.

The value that I get from IBBA is something that you just don't get anywhere else.

For me, it’s all about the education and the opportunity to meet with other successful intermediaries from around the country.

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