Upkeep of the CBI® designation is required. Every CBI must complete the recertification requirements by the third anniversary of the award and each three years thereafter. If both a valid CBI and M&AMI designation are held, then the recertification dates for both will become synchronized. A member who qualifies for the M&AMI recertification will automatically qualify for the CBI recertification during the same period but is not thereby entitled to IBBA® member benefits unless he or she is a member in good standing of the IBBA.

To recertify as a CBI, the following requirements must be met:

A. Be an IBBA member in good standing.

B. Attend at least one IBBA Conference (excludes IBBA Chapter Conferences).

C. Pay the annual credentialing fee.

Additionally, earn a minimum of 48 credits, 24 of which must be garnered in any of the following 3 experience categories:

1. Educational Experience Category:

  • Attendance at each additional IBBA Conference [15 credits]
  • Attendance at an IBBA Canada Chapter Conference [10 credits] (Credits for attending other IBBA Chapter Conferences to be determined on a case by case basis.)
  • Attendance at M&A Source Conference [15 credits]
  • Speaker, workshop instructor, or panel moderator at an IBBA Conference (excludes panelists) [5 credits]
  • Additional IBBA and M&A Source sponsored educational opportunities successfully completed or taught [course credits / instructors will receive1.5 x course credits]
  • Outside education courses [one credit/course hour, 10 credits maximum]. To earn credit, please submit the CBI Outside Education Approval Form, found on the Policy & Forms page.
    • * Courses offered by the below listed associations or others if related to the business brokerage profession, and at the discretion of the Credentialing Committee may be accepted. Verification of completion will be determined by course description and completion certificate. The course must be a structured educational “course” (not a workshop or seminar) and must be at least 4 hours in duration.
      • American Bar Association
      • American Society of Appraisers
      • Institute of Business Appraisers
      • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
      • The National Association of Realtors
      • International Franchise Association
      • NEBB Institute
      • Exit Planning Institute
  • Lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) for IBBA University course [4 credits per course hour; 4 hr. course = 16 credits; 8 hr. course = 32 credits]
  • Contributing Subject Matter Expert (SME) for IBBA University course [2 credits per course hour; 4 hr. course = 8 credits; 8 hr. course = 16 credits]

2. Association Activities Category:

  • Officer or director of IBBA (10 credits/year).
  • IBBA committee participation (5 credits/year).
  • Officer or director of an IBBA affiliate or chapter (5 credits/year). Please notify IBBA Headquarters if you serve as an office or director of a State or Regional IBBA Affiliate or Chapter to receive credit.
  • Contributor to IBBA publications (5 credits/ year).
  • Submit to headquarters a published article that mentions the IBBA (5 credits/year)

3. Business Transactions Category:

  • Submit proof of a completed business transaction where you were the primary intermediary (10 credits/transaction), not to exceed 3 transactions per renewal period. Please submit one CBI Transaction Submittal Form, found on the Policy & Forms page, for each transaction and follow directions in providing the necessary documents as proof of the transaction.
  • CBI s who own/manage a firm will be allowed to use a transaction from a broker they manage to count towards their recertification requirements and the broker is also allowed to use the same transaction. If multiple brokers are working as a team on a transaction, then all can list the same transaction for recertification.

If the recertification requirements cannot be met, then a one-year extension may be requested by completing the Recertification Extension Request Form. Failure to maintain any of these recertification requirements will result in the resignation, revocation or forfeiture of the CBI designation.

It is possible to reinstate the designation after it has been lost. If you have any questions related to CBI recertification please email them to [email protected].


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