Board Awards

Recognizing Excellence & Contribution

Tom West Award

Tom West is one of the founding fathers and was the first professional manager of the International Business Brokers Association®. In the late 90’s, the Board of Directors decided to establish an award in his name. To win the award, recipients must show outstanding communication and promotion of the goals and ethics of business brokering. Recipients must aim to enhance the public image of the business brokerage profession by promotion of the association/profession through any form of communication.

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2024 Monty Walker

2023 Andy Cagnetta

2023 John Zayac

2023 Mike Ertel

2023 Mike Adhikari

2022 Louis Vescio

2021 Ron West

2020 Steve Mariani

2019 Cress V. Diglio

2018 Pino Bacinello

2017 Jeff Snell

2016 Lisa Riley

2015 Barry Berkowitz

2014 Len Krick

2013 Ron Chernak

2012 Jerry & Nancy Cofield

2011 Gary Johnson

2011 Linda Purcell

2010 Tom & Barbara West

2009 Bernard Siegel

2008 Jerry Cofield

2008 Charles Edmonds

2007 Gary Papay

2006 Edward Pendarvis

2005 Keith McLeod

2004 Jim Afinowich

2003 A.T. “Fred” Zirkle

2002 John C. Johnson

2001 Mike Hoesly

2000 Julie Johnson

1999 Brian Knight

1998 Charles Alario

1997 Jeff Jones

1994 Tom West

Fellow of the IBBA

The Fellow of the IBBA award was designed to celebrate the contributions of loyal, long-time members of the IBBA. This highly coveted and lifetime award is awarded to members who have their CBI designation and have met or exceeded the established criteria. In order to be considered for the Fellow of the IBBA award, the individual must have been a member of the IBBA for ten years or longer, hold their CBI designation, be in good standing, and have made significant contributions to the association by serving as a director, committee chairperson, presenter or instructor at a conference, or various other association activities. The following individuals have not only met the criteria, but have in some way contributed much of their time and energy to serve the association for the betterment of the members.

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George Abraham

Edward Adams

Mike Adhikari

Jim Afinowich

Charles Alario

Stacy Alario

Darrell Arne

Pino Bacinello

Clem Barrere, Jr.

Steven Beal

Frank E. Beane

Russ Bieber

Barry Berkowitz

Khaled Bitar

C.R. Blohm

Randy Bring

Charles Broadwater, Jr.

William Bumstead

Sara Burden

Warren Burkholder

Scott Bushkie

Andrew Cagnetta, Jr.

Glorianne Campbell

Keith Chapman

Ronald Chernak

Robert James Cimasi

Dale Clack

Alan Clark

Gerald Clark

Franklin Clayton

Jerry Cofield, Jr.

Nancy Cofield

Russell Cohen

Glen Cooper

Linn Crader

Mark Crossman

Aron V. Culver

Donald Cummins

Richard Daigle

Mary Jane Dailey

Suzanne De Lucia

Kevin Dempsey

Cress S. Diglio

Cress V. Diglio

William Dougherty

L. Charles Edmonds

L. Charles Edmonds, Lr.

Eldon Edwards

Richard Ehrenreich

Michael Fekkes

Rob Firestone

John Fogarty

Darrell Fouts

Dolliver Frederick

Steward Fulford

Eric Gagnon

Anthony Geronimo

William "Bill" Gibson

Tawnya Gilreath

Peter Goodman

Eugene Gottesman

Carl Grimes

Jeff Guinn

Robert Gurrola

Daniel Hall

Don Hankins

Mike Hannon

Joseph Harrel

Cornelius (CJ) Harris

Richard Haskel

Henry Hicks

James Hines

Michael Hoesly

Kenneth Hoganson

James 'Trip' A. Holmes

Ronald Hottes

Whitten Humphreys

Fred Jager

Henry James

Hal Janke

Charles A. Jay

Gary Johnson

John Johnson

Julie Johnson

Ronald Johnson

Jeff Jones

Edwin Kan Hing Lee

Al Kedora

Greg Kells

Brian Knight

Len Krick

Robin Kuckyr

Elias E. Ladon

William Lange

Dora Lanza

George Lanza

Stallworth Larson

David Lewis

Joe Lindsey

Walter Lipski

Clyth MacLeod

Michael Marks

Arne McDaniel

Patricia McDonald

Dean McDonald

Bobby McDowell

Don McIver

Keith McLeod

Michael Mensch

Angelica Michail

Clifford (C.A.) Mitts

Carl Monnin

Richard Mowrey

Gerrald Nance

Michael Naprawa

Sandra Newkham

G. B. (Nick) Nicholson

Leon Niemann

Fran Ollila

Kenneth Oppeltz

Gary Papay

Bob Pelletier

Edward Pendarvis

Louis Pereira

Charles M. Perkins

George Petrulis

Rocco Pezza

Vernon Powell

Andrew Preston

Linda Purcell

Richard Purdy

Richard Read

Allan S. Reider

Ted Rickenbacher

Lisa Riley

Doug Robbins

Steven Rosen

Roger Rumble

Shawn Sanborn

Jack Sanders

Jack Schumann

Bernard Siegel

Steve Sink

Andrew Smith

Jeff Snell

Charles P. Spickert

Janice Staropoli

Ken Stebbins

Philip Steckler

Robert Suderman

William Tabar

Hank Tanner

Edward Telling

Edward Telling, Jr.

James Town

Anson Tripp

Louis Vescio

Stephen Wain

Chet Walden

Fred L. Walker

Monty Walker

Thomas West

Marquita Wiley

Thomas Whipple

John Willingham

Brian M. Wilson

Bill Womack

J. Michael Wood

Marcie Woolworth

Roger Wozniak

Bob Wyatt

Denise Yardy

John Zayac

Connie Zielinski

Steve Zimmerman

A.T. Fred Zirkle

IBBA Chair’s Award

The IBBA Chair’s Award is given at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board and is awarded to any individual who has significantly helped the Chair or made an unusual contribution to the association during the Chair’s term.

View Award Winners

2023 Peter Goodman

2022 Steven Beal

2022 Barry Berkowitz

2022 James Parker

2021 Steven Beal

2020 Randy Bring

2019 Pino Bacinello

2018 Steven Beal

2017 Scott Bushkie

2017 Cress V. Diglio

2016 Andy Cagnetta

2015 Lou Vescio

2015 Warren Burkholder

2014 Linda Purcell

2014 John Johnson

2013 Scott Bushkie

2012 Keith McLeod

2012 Ed Pendarvis

2012 Chet H. Walden

2011 Gary Papay

2010 Steve Wain

2009 Dan Hall

2008 Pino Bacinello

2008 Edwin Lee

2007 Linda Purcell

2007 Gary Johnson

2006 Don Hankins

2005 L. Charles Edmonds

2004 Warren Burkholder

2003 Henry L. Hicks

2002 Clem Barrere

2001 Mark Putnam

1998 Mike Hoesly

1997 Charles Hocker

1997 John Johnson

1996 Brian Knight

1995 James Hines

1995 Charles Alario

1995 Robert Groag

1994 Phil Taylor

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