Online Workshops

Considered a highlight of IBBA® Conferences, the IBBA is now making its most popular educational Workshops available online. When you want a laser-focused dose of actionable education on a narrow topic, an IBBA Online Workshop is the perfect choice.

IBBA Online Workshops are taught by the industry’s most experienced business brokers. Each one is typically 1-2 hours in length and recorded at IBBA Conferences, so you also benefit from hearing the questions/answers generated by the business brokers in the room.

While IBBA Online Workshops are not approved for continuing education credit, they do offer the most affordable education on very specific topics, for both the new and tenured broker alike. Visit our Courses page for information about for-credit business broker education.

At just $39.99 for IBBA Members ($49.99 Non-Member), the IBBA continues to make the industry’s best business broker education affordable and accessible!

Available Workshops
Digital Marketing for Luddites

Explore digital marketing and effective tactics for brokers with a focus on personal and company brand building.

Question Based Selling: Help More People. Win More Business

Discover the top questions that reveal the goals and motivation of sellers & buyers.

The Riches are in the Niches: Drilling for Gold in the Dental Practice Segment

Explore the unique aspects of finding, valuing, marketing and closing dental practice deals.

CRM Workflow Secrets: Best Practices with Today’s Tech

Discover best practice secrets that universally apply to all CRM platforms to make your workflows inside it faster and easier.

There’s a Hole in the Bucket! Find and Stop the Leaks in Your Business

Don’t let business listings fall through the cracks! Perfect the art of lead generation and nurturing with help from this workshop.

Practice Management: Ways to Manage a Business Broker Office-Pros and Cons

Explore three popular approaches to managing a multi-broker office.

The Ever-Changing SBA Rules With a Few Workarounds and Options to Help Address Them

Here we discuss the ever-changing SBA rules along with a few workarounds and options to help address them.

Market Multiples II: Why They Disagree

Understand the complex issues surrounding market multiples, focusing specifically on why we often arrive at different market multiples from the same data set.

Leveraging Technology to Do More Deals

Explore the technology advancements that can make you more efficient, including email solutions, phone apps, internet tools, social platforms and CRMs.

Selling Small Businesses To Larger Strategic + Synergistic Buyers

Understand the marketplace landscape, and how Strategic/Synergistic Buyers differ from your typical Financial Buyer.

Finding + Using Done Deal (Comp) Databases

Learn step-by-step processes for accessing and analyzing the data, how to recognize anomalies, and how to present data to your clients.

What’s In Your Market Multiple?

Avoid leaving money on the table, or overpricing that opportunity you really need to sell, by understanding the true drivers of value.

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