By Serving, Our Volunteers Lead

The IBBA is fortunate to have a passionate group of volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to grow and shape our association.

Denotes the Committee Chair

Member Engagement

Kyle Griffith*

Charles Spickert*

Alam Qureshi

Brian Stephens

Dean McDonald

Gary Hallett

Glorianne Campbell

Gregory Michail

Lisa Riley

Lou Vescio

Randy Bring

Robert Marchand

Tom Jenkins

Mordecai Evans

Justin Sandridge

Ryan Murphy

Steve Zimmerman

Conference Planning 

Marquita Wiley

Dean McDonald

Steve Mariani

Susan Wain

Jason Werner

Jeff Snell

Adam Petricoff

Barry Berkowtiz

Lou Vescio

Brenda Sali

Mustafa Gurleroglu


Barry Berkowitz* 

Steven Beal*

Monty Walker

Roman Basi

Pat McDonald

Lou Vescio

Robert Marchand

Ron Johnson

Steven Beal

Lou Pereira

Cress V. Diglio

Kenneth Hamner

Maria Caudle

Steve Boylan

Ronald Wiebe

Erin Crawford

Carrie Duval

Jon Franz

John Byrne


President’s Council

Steve Wain*

Ron Johnson 

Tom West

A.T. “Fred” Zirkle

Andrew Cagnetta

Brian Knight

Edwin Lee

George Lanza

Henry L. Hicks

Jeff Jones

Jim Afinowich

John Johnson

Julie Johnson

Linda J. Purcell

Pino Bacinello

Cress Diglio, Sr.

Rob Firestone

Ron Chernak

Steve Wain

Cress V. Diglio, Jr.

Scott Bushkie

Lou Vescio


Jeff Snell

Mike Adhikari

Stacy Alario

Andrew Cross

Gregg Kunz


Affiliate Council

Steve Mariani

Robert Brown

Jim Parker

Matt Coletta

Mike Ramatowski

Greg Kells

Ronald Hoxter

Mark Andresky

Colleen Healy

Peter Goodman

Tony Calvacca

Emmet Apolinario

Ben Johnson

Tanya Popov

Glen Cooper

Sharon Heaton

Brian Wendler

Jeffrey Elder

David Sweeten

Jeff Nyman

Darrin Kert

Dan Haggerty

Phil Reese


Podcast Committee

Cress V. Diglio

Neal Isaacs

Russell Bernstein


Warren Burkholder*


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