Course #105

Dealing With Leases and Landlords

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Want to know how to prevent landlords from killing your deals? In this course, you will learn about dealing with landlords, the typical lease terms and how they can impact the value of the business, ways that landlords can kill deals, typical fees paid by the tenant over and about the base rent, the difference between a Lease Assignment and a Sub-lease, who typically pays for property maintenance issues, how lease restrictions impact the business, and how to help your business seller negotiate reasonable lease terms for the new business owner.

With the advice offered in this course, you will be more prepared to deal with landlords and management companies, avoid pitfalls and close more deals. This course is a must for new business brokers and will provide new insights for experienced brokers as well. It is recommended that you have some knowledge of the business brokerage process, including Course #101: Introduction to Business Brokerage.

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