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Building A Listing Inventory

Course #150   Credit Hours: 8 Member Price: $215 / / Non-Member Price: $315

Course #150 is an in-depth study on how to obtain and market a salable inventory of businesses. Learn the various proven methods to prospect for listings, determine seller motivation, create an effective listing process, avoiding the many impediments to selling a business, and properly package the business for sale. It is highly recommended that participants have taken #101, #301 and understand the Main Street Business Brokerage process.

Key features of this course include:

  • An industry expert panel discussion on listing solicitation best practices, from direct mail to content marketing;
  • A breakdown on how to do an accurate and effective ‘Buyer’s Sanity Test’;
  • A recasting and estimating market value overview; and
  • 10 downloadable resources to use in your business now!

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