Course #158

Managing Transactions

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Course #158 allows participants to achieve success in Main Street business brokerage by focusing on the last four phases of the business brokerage process: navigating the sale, removing contingencies, closing and following up on the sale. Course #158 begins with a review of the transaction process and then educates on presenting an offer, managing the negotiation, managing due diligence, and managing a successful closing.

Course #158 is the third in a three-part series of courses (#150 and #155), and it is recommended that participants have completed courses #101, #150, and #155 prior to enrolling in #158. The #150, #155 and #158 trilogy provide participants with the knowledge and skills enable them to progress smoothly from having an offer on the table to closing a transaction successfully.
Additionally, you will receive the following resources when you complete Course #158:

  • Business Acquisition Loan Checklist
  • Transaction Management Checklist
  • Estimated Closing Costs Worksheet
  • Analysis of Offer Form
  • Sellers Disclosure Statement
  • Purchasers Disclosure Statement
  • Sample Offers
  • Indemnification and Right of Setoff Clause Sample
  • Counter Offer Form
  • Common Contingency Clause
  • Closing Checklist
  • Brokers Closing Checklist
  • Buyer Meeting Agenda Sample
  • Seller and Buyer To Do List
  • Simple Lease Assignment Sample
  • Closing Doc Samples
  • Escrow Information Sheet Sample

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