As an affiliate with the IBBA for 5+ years and with 10+ years of history in the industry, MOD Assistants is the most knowledgeable and experienced virtual assistant service for business brokers. 

At MOD Assistants we help busy small business owners properly delegate their administrative tasks so they can spend time building their business. As a business broker, your bread and butter comes from getting in front of clients and leveraging your unique sales skills. If you’re spending your days consumed with the daily back-end tasks, you are losing precious time hitting the pavement, building relationships, and getting more listings.

We have a team of virtual assistants specifically trained to work with business brokers. Our knowledge and experience working with brokers allows you to bring your assistant up to speed more quickly. Our business broker assistant services include buyer inquiry/NDA management, CIM/CBR creation, data entry, online research, email/calendar management, social media and assistance with lead outreach.

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