BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”)

Do you love spending hours and hours writing CBRs/CIMs for your Listings? Well, we do!
And, do you feel like the end product you create can truly stun Buyers & Sellers with its visuals and contents? Well, ours does!

“We are your Business Brokerage’s very own dedicated marketing department!”

This is our motto at BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”) and our proposition: you will have at your disposal a team of 20+ marketing professionals (copywriters, financial analysts, graphic designers, AI specialists, video producers, web designers and much more) with NONE of the overheads, no minimums and no subscriptions.

Working on a per-project basis with flat fees, we offer Business Brokers around the world with a range of marketing products designed to help them list more, sell more and work less.

While based in Melbourne, Australia we currently primarily work with the US and Canada and operate during the Pacific Time Zone.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your brokerage truly thrive in this dynamic and ever-changing environment.

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