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Overcoming The Dreaded “Bankers’ Dozen” Objections In Business Acquisitions

First Home Bank provides SBA 7(a) loans to a variety of businesses and for various purposes with business acquisition financing being a significant focus. As a top 10 SBA lender in the country, our team’s expertise extends beyond financing business acquisitions, and includes bankers with experience as both business owners/principals and financial advisors, making First […]

two business brokers shaking hands Articles

Valuing Inventory Heavy Businesses

We get a significant amount of questions on businesses with large amounts of inventory. More specifically, “how does inventory influence the value?” There are a lot of opinions on the subject, and keep in mind “pricing” and “valuation” are different; however, most professional business appraisers will agree that inventory is an operating asset. Should it […]

two business brokers shaking hands Articles

The 7 Habits of a High Volume Broker Office: The 6th Habit

The 6th Habit: Compiling Your Memorandum What buyers look for in your listing and why lenders read your memorandum! By Stephen Mariani A complete and comprehensive memorandum is not only a great advertising tool for buyers but also lenders will use much of the information included in them for their internal write ups. Countless times […]

two business brokers shaking hands Articles

What Defines a Serious Business Buyer?

Michael Fekkes, CBI – ENLIGN Business Brokers Individuals who desire to purchase an established small business must be well prepared before the search process begins.  Well managed, profitable and successful businesses with a bright outlook for the future are in short supply and very high demand.  Business owners and business brokers alike have little patience […]

two business brokers shaking hands Articles

Benefits of Structuring Small Business Transactions

Michael Fekkes, CBI – November, 2015 Selling a privately held business is often romanticized as face-to-face negotiations over business valuations and purchase price.  Whether small or large, these transactions can be extremely complex and require a great deal of work behind the scenes.  As the size and/or complexity of a transaction increases, the need for […]

two business brokers shaking hands Articles

When Not to Hire a Business Broker

Jeff Snell, CBI, M&AMI – November, 2015 In this article I explore some of the reasons a business owner should go it alone and not retain a business broker. Answer these questions and keep a tally of your answers. Is the business more than about two years old? Can the business run effectively for an […]

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