CBI Exam Refresher

Starts Thursday, December 7th 2023
Register by Monday, December 4th 2023

If you have completed all course requirements and are ready to take the CBI Exam, this CBI Refresher is perfect for you! Instructed live online, you’ll be provided with an overview of the exam components with special emphasis on a recasting review. After the Refresher you will also receive an additional recasting practice exercise and access to the online Business Broker Knowledge Assessment (a $29.95 value). This non-graded Assessment is a great tool to test your knowledge prior to the CBI Exam and identify any subject areas to focus your study on.

Please note: The CBI Refresher Instructor is not allowed to distribute answers to the CBI Exam questions. However he/she will be able to guide you to the relevant learning resources if you need assistance in an area.


The CBI refresher course is available to members who have met all course requirements for initial CBI certification.

The CBI Exam Refresher is a requirement for anyone that is participating in the Fast Track and Reinstatement programs.


To register, please submit your CBI Exam Application, Fast Track Application, or Reinstatement Application to [email protected].

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