Course #120

Tax Issues Every Business Broker Needs to Know


This course is part of a series of four separate four-hour sections. Each section is a standalone, yet collectively, they form a fundamental knowledge foundation essential to a business broker’s understanding of the tax implications that occur in a business transaction.

Part I – This section covers Accounting Periods and Methods, Tangible Assets & Depreciation, and Intangible Assets & Amortization. This section provides the participant with a foundation to understand the differences between cash versus accrual accounting from a tax perspective. Depreciation and amortization are explored with an emphasis on how this impacts the sale of a single asset or the sale of an entire business. Does the chosen accounting method change the tax results when a business is sold? Does prior depreciation and amortization have an impact on the amount of tax due when a business is sold? How fast can assets be expensed for tax purposes? All this and much more is explored in this section.

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