Once the designation is gained, the person who holds the CBI earns an award plaque and agrees to the compulsory maintenance requirements. Each recertification period is three years, and the following requirements must be met during that time:

  1. Maintain an active membership in the IBBA or the M&A Source
  2. Pay an annual credentialing fee
  3. Attend at least one IBBA conference
  4. Complete 48 credit hours of education, association activities, or completed business transactions.
    1. 24 hours of credit must be garnered through educational experiences, such as IBBA or M&A Source courses, attendance at additional conferences, outside education courses, speaking or teaching at a conference, participating on an IBBA committee or board, participating on a regional affiliate board, or submitting a completed business transaction.

If the recertification requirements cannot be met, then a one-year extension may be requested by completing the Recertification Extension Request Form. Failure to maintain any of these recertification requirements will result in the resignation, revocation or forfeiture of the CBI designation.

It is possible to reinstate the designation after it has been lost. If you have any questions related to CBI recertification please email them to [email protected].