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GCF Valuation

GCF Valuation is the leading provider of Business Valuations and Machinery & Equipment appraisals. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t automate or shortcut the process. Instead, we put a team of fully accredited experts on every project. As a result, we deliver some of the most thorough appraisals in the business—valuations that will stand up to tough scrutiny.

No gaps. No unresolved questions.

We have a reputation for delivering exceptional expertise and high-touch, personal service, and we’ve earned the trust of lenders and brokers across the nation. With offices from Florida to Oregon, we serve clients from coast to coast. And we work with clients of all sizes, from small local banks to some of the largest institutions in the world. If your project is complex, no business valuation and appraisal firm is more flexible or capable.

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