BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”)

Do you love spending hours and hours writing compelling CBR’s or CIM’s? Because we do…

Do you have the Graphic Design skills to make your CBRs/CIMs look truly amazing? Because we do…

And do you understand just how essential a great CBR/CIM is for a successful business sale? Because we do!

BBMS Media (“Marketing for Business Brokers”) is the world’s first full-service marketing agency specializing in the business brokerage and M&A intermediation industries. We produce a broad range of results-driven marketing tools to help brokers list and sell more businesses.

Our services include the copywriting and analysis of your listings to create truly spectacular and visually stunning Business Profiles that are GUARANTEED to impress Buyers & Sellers alike!

With a team of qualified and talented professionals, our offices are presently based in Melbourne (Australia) – however, most of our clientele is based in the USA and Canada.

With options to suit Main-Street, Mid-Market and M&A business sales – coupled with fast turn-around times and affordable prices, we are your brokerage’s very own dedicated marketing department!

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