Marketing Committee

ibba marketing committee

The Marketing Committee guides how the IBBA presents itself to its target audiences, considering activities and messaging that convey leadership, professionalism and goodwill. Most notably, the Committee promotes and conducts the quarterly Market Pulse Survey in collaboration with Pepperdine University.

Some specific areas the Committee works on include:

  • Campaigns to increase Market Pulse Survey participation
  • Evaluating IBBA marketing collateral concepts
  • Collaborating on IBBA website development

The coming year will be an exciting one, as we:

  • Work to increase recognition of IBBA Member Excellence Awards
  • Strive to hit a goal of 400 Market Pulse Survey participants
  • Proactively grow our online social communities
  • Provide more benefits and resources to our CBIs


2017 Chair:  Angelica Michail

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday from 2:30-3:00pm EST.

Contact Angelica if you’d like to learn more!